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Making of Bouncy Ball Out of a Raw Egg

How interesting it would be if a raw egg can be converted into a bouncy ball? Well, you can do this at your own home by using simple tricks. For this, you have to take a raw egg white vinegar, a jar and another container. First of all place the egg into an empty jar […]

How to turn water into Wine or Blood

This popular chemistry demonstration is often called turning water into wine or water into Blood. It is really a simple example of pH indicator. Phenolphthalein (an indicator) is added to water, which is then poured into second glass containing a base. If the pH of the solution is right, you can make the water turn […]


In CBSE Board exam, conversions usually carry a weightage of 5 Marks, so it is important that you do not miss out on these particular type of questions while preparing for your exams So given below are a few conversions, explained in small logical steps which are easy to remember. Basically conversions are classified up-to […]

Radioactive water: Tea Bags to the Rescue

Water is life for all of us and if this life giving becomes impure or not safe for drinking then it will pose a serious health hazard to all human beings and animals too. Mostly we use chlorine tablets, boiling technique, and Reverse Osmosis method to purify water. But what we will do if the […]


Processing and improper storage practices can expose food items to heat or oxygen which causes spoiling or deterioration.   In ancient times, salt was used to cure meats and fish to preserve them longer while sugar was added to fruits to prevent spoilage. Certain herbs, spices and vinegar can also be used as preservatives along […]