1. Finkelstein Reaction: When alkyl halide reacts with sodium iodide in the presence of Acetone. Alkyl iodide and Sodium halide is formed.
    For ex. image
  2. Swarts Reaction: When alkyl Bromide or Chloride reacts with silver or mercurous fluoride image, Fluoro halide are formed .for ex.
  3. Hundsdiecker Reaction: Silver salts of carboxylic acids are decomposed by Bromine or iodine in the presence of carbon Tetrachloride.
  4. Sandmeyer’s Reaction: Chloroarenes and Bromoarenes are prepared by treating a freshly prepared diazonium salt solution with cuprous chloride or Bromide dissolved in corresponding halogen acids. This is known as Sandmeyer Reaction.

  5. Gattermann Reaction: It is a modification of sandmeyer reaction. We use copper powder in the presence of halogen acid in place of cuprous halide dissolved in halogen acid (CuCl/HCl or CuBr/HBr).
  6. Wurtz Reaction: When two alkyl halides are treated with sodium, ether, alkanes are formed. This reaction is used to increase number of Carbon atoms.
    Wurtz Fittig Reaction: When alkyl halide are treated with aryl halides in presence of sodium in anhydrous ether halogen atom is replaced by alkyl group. This is known as Wurtz fittig Reaction
  7. Fittig Reaction: When haloarenes react with Sodium in presence of ether diphenyl is formed. This reaction is called Fittig reaction.

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