Making of Bouncy Ball Out of a Raw Egg

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Making of Bouncy Ball Out of a Raw Egg

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How interesting it would be if a raw egg can be converted into a bouncy ball? Well, you can do this at your own home by using simple tricks. For this, you have to take a raw egg white vinegar, a jar and another container.

First of all place the egg into an empty jar carefully.

Now pour white vinegar all over this egg completely submerging it. After the egg is submerged it must be left for 48 hours while the chemicals work their magic.

After 2 days, the egg must be placed in water where remnants of the shell are to be rubbed of.

And now finally you are with a bouncy ball, but it is not durable as other balls. As soon as it is dropped from even a short height its flimsy exterior breaks, spilling yolk across the table.

During the experiment, egg’s yolk is kept perfectly in place despite the transformation of the shell. This is due to the substance called chalaze a modified albumin (clear liquid in egg.) which acts as a type of rope on either side of the yolk to hold it in place.